Town Code

The new online Town Code provides keyword search, and allows for printing and downloading.  The Code, which includes legislation through 08-10-2023, is accessible here.  

DRAFT ORDINANCE NO. 2024-02 - Amend Chapter 26 Code of Ethics

ORDINANCE NO. 2024-01 - Reinstatement of Chapter 85-1

RESOLUTION NO. 2024-01 - Staggered Elections

RESOLUTION NO. 2024-02 - 2024 Special Election with Sunset Addition

ORDINANCE NO. 2023-06 - Senior Tax Credit

ORDINANCE NO. 2023-05 - Streets and Sidewalks

Enforcement of the Town Code is now pro-active and enforced by the Town Code Enforcement Officer and/or police as necessary. Complaints of Town Code violations made to the Town Office are reviewed to determine if the Town is the enforcement venue or if another authority should be used, such as Homeowners Associations, Fire Marshall, State Police, or Health Department.

Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer

To contact our Code Enforcement Officer, please email Rick or call him at; 240.626.1243