Senior Tax Credit

Senior Tax Credit Seminar 2024

The Town of Walkersville has a Senior Tax Credit for homeowners age 65 and over. The amount of the Walkersville tax credit is 50% of the net Town tax. The credit is a supplement to the State’s Homeowner Tax Credit and County’s Senior Tax Credit, and all qualifications and limitations of these credits apply. The credit is effective with the upcoming July 1 real estate tax bill. To apply, residents should complete a State Homeowner Tax Credit application – just the one application allows a homeowner to apply for the State Homeowner Tax Credit, County Senior Tax Credit, and Walkersville Senior Tax Credit. If a resident has already applied for these credits for the upcoming tax bill, they need to do nothing further. If the homeowner qualifies for the County’s Senior Tax Credit, and resides within the Town’s municipal limits, they will qualify for the Town’s tax credit. For additional information, homeowners can contact the Division of Senior Services (301.600.1605), the State Department of Assessments Office (301.815.5350), or the Treasury Department (301600.1111).