Park Rentals & Usage

Heritage Farm Park

Download a Park Pavilion Rental Form (Please fill this out online and print it out)

Download an Alcohol permit for pavilion rental (Please fill this out online and print it out).

Download a Park Event Use Form (Please fill this out online and print it out)

Walkersville has four park facilities. The parks are open from 7:00am until 5:00pm, November 15-March 14, and 7:00am until 9:00pm from March 15-November 14. After that, the gates will be locked!

Three of our parks have pavilions that can be reserved.

If you are interested in reserving a pavilion, please call Town Hall at 301.845.4500 for availability. Do NOT email us.

Renting of Park Pavilions:

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Park pavilions rent for $75 and have a 50 person capacity.  One large pavilion at Heritage Farm Park holds 125 people and rents for $100. Pavilion reservation form and payment in cash or check, must be received at Town Hall to lock in your reservation. Alcohol use requires a $10 permit.

Other Park Use:
An event that makes use of the park other than the pavilions requires the approval of the Parks Commission (meets 7:00 pm the first Wednesday of every month). Submittal and approval of a Parks Event Use Form are required.